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Large-Size Cruise - Regal 2019 People’s Choice: Caribbean and Luxury Collection The Silversea cruise ships will soon be part of the same crew. The parent company of Regal Caribbean on Thursday announced the conclusion of an agreement with the president and operator of Silversea, Manfredi Lefebvre D'Ovidio, aiming to acquire a two-thirds position within the company belonging to the Lefebvre family for more 20 years old. As for the biggest cruise that has been provided for a number of years, the Regal Caribbean Cruise cruise ships said hello would pay about one billion Bucksa for this spot. Lefebvre can also get about 472,1000 Caribbean sovereign quota stocks if certain features have been achieved during the 2019-2020 interval. The offer values ​​Silversea at around $ 2 billion. Related: 5 items to enjoy on Regal Caribbean's massive new ship The deal gives Regal Caribbean an entry into each sail of high smoothness and smooth sailing, a type of smooth sailing that requires thin and typically rugged cruises with a construction that you can use to visit remotely and difficult entrances . Locations. Silversea may be creating a major business in jewelryarmoires.biz brands the area of ​​hassle-free navigation over the past decade. "Silversea can be an aerial gem, but also a recognized innovator in the field of luxury and smooth sailing, two crucial market segments on which expansion is possible," said Regal Caribbean Cruise CEO and Managing Director , Richard Fain. "The union of our two companies offers a special opportunity to develop vacation options for businesses and generate revenue in tactical expansion areas." The Regal Caribbean cruise ships will be the parent company or father of the Regal Caribbean manufacturer, in addition to Superstar cruise ships and Azamara Membership cruise ships.

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