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Laura Noe started early in the morning, as she often does. keeps in her garden Jefferson recreation area, when she thought a sudden fit. "I turned my head for a few minutes," she said, "and the hawk was there, and the rest of the birds are gone." It turns out that his March guest was a Cooper's hawk, a raven-sized chicken and could go to bird feeders - not to sunflower seeds. The falcon, among a couple who hunts and builds a home in the Noah area and faces an area of ​​busy Bird feeders at feeders non-commercial concern, is part of a growing trend. In a recently launched study, researchers at Wi universities or colleges found that hawks, when considered as a variety, have recoverable numbers that allow them to expand their areas in the wild. cities of Detroit. By using the files of many viewing hours consistently, as feeders observers like Noe, Professor Wi's college or college of the natural environment and wildlife ecology, report, Ben Zuckerberg could certainly reveal that only 20% hawk in the 1990s. Currently this number is closer to 70%. "Falcons look a lot like the vintage forest hawks, like those of the Cooper and the sharp razors pretty much the same, more compact varieties," says Zuckerberg. "They were generally considered very well designed varieties for huge uninterrupted jungles.These are the top predators of the forest.

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